Olympion Olives Company Aero

OLYMPION S.A. is situated in the north - western Peninsula of Peloponnese, in the south of Greece.
It began as a small family business founded by people who were raised in the Greek countryside.

People who cherished the local products.

The company soon developed into one of the biggest companies of its kind world wide.

Currently we:

  • Supervise the production of the all our agriculture products from seeding to packaging, laying emphasis on the highest standards of quality
  • Observe all the international regulation concerning the conditions of hygiene
  • Conduct incessant quality checks
  • Train our human resources
  • Constantly upgrade our equipment with the latest technological innovations.

Among our objectives is to provide impeccable quality therefore we have been accredited with HACCP, GMP and Safety and Security programs under the auspices of European and American auditors.

With the purchase of any of our products, you may be certified of its quality via the Certificate of Analysis and Microbiological analysis (COA) which is accompanied by.

Olympion S.A. has known rapid success worldwide over the past years and is currently exporting to Europe (U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Russia, etc), USA, Canada, Middle East, China, and Australia.
Olympion S.A. products can also be found all over Greece and Cyprus.

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