kalamata holleA specialty Greek olive,the Kalamata Olive is distinguishes by its almond shape and sharp point with a unique purple / black colour.Pickled in red wine vinegar these olives are rich and firm and have a great tangy flavour.


Kalamata Olives are widely used in salads, breads, sandwiches, pizza topping,spreads and sauces.It is unmistakably the best olive of the world and is in great demand because of its unique flavour.








Availiable in the following sizes:


kalamata whole

Whole Olives



kalamata pitted

Pitted Olives



kalamata halve

       Halve Cut Olives



kalamata wedged

Wedged Cut Olives



kalamata sliced

Sliced Olives 



kalamata chopped

Diced Olives


Marinated with herbs and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.